If you are having lower internet or slower system you need to understand that your system has been attacked by a virus. Also when suddenly your system freezes and crashes you should understand that your system is infected by a virus or malware. Spyware or malware’s may be the reason behind unexpected behavior of your computer. When you browse on internet you may see various advertisements like of norton technical support, Avg support, but if those ads appear when you are not actively browsing, that is a significant sign of a virus. Also by clicking on those ads you may invite viruses, so you should never click on those ads, even if they pretend that they are antivirus software. Also while using the email account you may have to face various troubles and this may occur due to virus attack. Also virus or spyware can infect your computer’s hardware and accessories.

norton technical support

But you should always remember your computer may not always show the symptoms though it’s infected. In that case you need to perform regular system checks and virus scans to make sure that your computer is safe. Also some preventive care should be taken in order to keep the computer virus free. You should never click on unaware links in emails or pop-up ads as those ads or links may contain virus or malware.

Also you should install or download or update your anti-virus software in order to keep the system virus free. If you prefer to use AVG anti-virus you can contact avg tech support team to get better assistance in this matter.

If your computer has been already affected by a virus you need to take proper action. This following process will help you to remove a virus from your system by using Malicious Software Removal Tool:

  • First you need to go to the Malicious Software Removal Tool download page.
  • Then you need to click on Download to start the download process.
  • After that you should click Run to download as well as to run the program.
  • Next you need to follow the instructions which will appear on your screen and then to start the scan and if any malicious software is found you need to remove those malware or viruses by using this tool.

After that you need to install a strong anti-virus, but before that you should know the features of that anti-virus software, so you can contact Norton technical support team if you prefer Norton.

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