This article discusses some of the effective results to be expected on installing an Antivirus software. It also outline the importance of installing the latest version of an Antivirus software.


If one considers carefully, it can be easily concluded that with the advent of Internet the storage and safeguarding of information itself has become vulnerable. In other words, as most information, whether it be personal or official are stored in computer systems. This makes it automatically vulnerable to attacks by malicious software. On being attacked the information stored in the system can be easily accessed by an unknown party. This entire situation can spell disaster for both businesses and individuals.

However, the Norton antivirus support technicians opine that by following certain safety measures and norms such situations can be averted. The easiest method of safeguarding information stored in a system or a server is by setting up a firewall, which is the first line of defence provided by an Antivirus software. Other than that, one should run regular system scans to ensure that the system is free of any malicious software. Based on the scan results, one can initiate a system recovery after having removed all signatures of the malicious software.

According to AVG help and support team some of the effective results of installing the latest version of an Antivirus software are as follows:

  • Protect the information in the system against phishing attacks: Phishing and spam mails can affect a system adversely. Usually, these are carriers of malicious software, which a user unknowingly installs in one’s system, by just opening the mail. The latest Antivirus will help the user set up filters that will prevent phishing or spam mails from entering the mail account.
  • Real time protection: The Antivirus will actively prevent intrusions by malicious software. This is done with the help of firewall. The firewall can be used to protect even individual files. Additionally, most Antivirus come with ‘Pop Up Blockers’ that prevent the opening of virus infected website on a system. Thus, the Antivirus installed will keep on working as the system is being used, preventing intrusion signatures from entering in to the system.

Thus, with the help of the latest Antivirus one can be assured of protecting the system and the information stored in the system. Hence, it is advisable to install and run regularly the updated version of an Antivirus software.


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