The virtual world has been gaining more importance than the real world. The phenomenal spread of internet usage has brought the relevant activities on the online. Internet is a great source of information, education and learning, entertainment, debates and discussion and more. People have been engaging with internet activities like never before. This has even attracted the attention of cyber criminals.Cyber crime has steeply increased over the years. The expert professionals at the AVG antivirus help and avg tech support team suggest the users must be alert about the following sources which can greatly damage your computer with virus threats.

AVG antivirus help

  • Youngsters often engage into heavy downloading. They are nearly addicted to downloading programs for varied uses. There are a number of unreliable sources and internet newsgroups through which most of the people’s computers are attacked with viruses. You must have noticed that there are a number of executable programs which include freeware, games, screen savers and others. These are the main sources of virus. Beware of files which contain extensions as ‘.com’, ‘.exe’, and ‘coolgame.exe’, because these files even contain viruses.
  • You may often get lured into downloading illegal versions of software but these expose your computer to severe virus threats. All these software may not show signs of virus at the initial stages but they contain virus and bugs which cannot be easily traced and worse is that they cannot be removed. So make sure that every time you are downloading a file it is from a trusted source.
  • You email attachments may even contain virus, especially the ones which are coming from unknown sources. Since you would not know which email attachment contains virus and which one doesn’t so it gets even more difficult to protect your computer. So it is extremely important to install a good antivirus. This would treat the problem at the roots. The antivirus would not allow the virus infected attachment to open.
  • The internet is the major source of virus attack for your computer or other devices. Since you would be surfing and clicking on links that you find interesting, you are randomly exposed to virus threats. But that would mean that you stop surfing to avoid the risk of virus infection. The best solution for this problem would be to install a good antivirus which would prevent the virus from infecting your system.

Follow these simple but effective ways and install AVG antivirus to keep your computer safe from viruses. If your computer is still getting attacked by virus, then feel free to seek AVG antivirus help.

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