Virus attacks are the most common problem these days and due to this mind of attack you may have to face lots of difficulties as your computer or laptop or mobile can become useless. Your device may become troublesome when it gets infected by viruses. Virus or malware can force your device or PC to stop their work and for that reason you may have to miss your deadline of submitting a project in your office or in your school. That is why you should always use an antivirus software while you are using a computer or laptop or iPad or mobile.

Antivirus Software

Often you access your email accounts, perform online banking and online shopping through your mobile as it is the most convenient way to do these things. In that case you will have to keep or provide your personal as well as financial details while using your device to access these facilities. But sometimes this can become very risky when your device gets infected by virus and you do not have any idea regarding that. Sometimes the hackers also may steal your important details by sending viruses in your device. That is why keeping your device safe from viruses is very much important. Also you can contact the customer care such as avg customer care to know more about how to keep your device safe and secure.

By calling on the customer care number such as Avg customer care number you will also be able to know which additional feature the anti-virus software can provide. Also some anti-virus software can provide you facility to keep your device safe from the thieves by using anti-theft service.

If you do not have any idea on how to use this feature you can follow these below mentioned steps:

  • To activate this feature you will have to create an “Anti-Theft Security PIN” to be used in your text message commands.
  • You will have to open the anti-virus software from your mobile.
  • Then you will have to click on the Anti-Theft button.
  • After that you will have to click on “Security PIN” option.
  • Then you will be able to get a security PIN of four digits.

When your device gets lost you just have to use another phone to send message to your lost mobile. In the text message area you will have to type any of the commands that you have setup while activating the anti-theft system. Also you will have to enter your plus your Anti-Theft Security PIN with that. By this feature you can easily get back your lost mobile.

Also you can try other antivirus software if you have realized that your present software is not protecting your device properly. But before installing other anti-virus software you should enquire about its features and to do that you can get in touch with the tech support team such as Norton technical support team.

By calling on their number or by visiting their website such as Norton technical support website you will also be able to get tips about keeping your device safe from the viruses. Also antivirus software issues cab be solved easily by contacting them.

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